Highly inspired by Substrate by Parity Technologies and Serenity by Ethereum Foundation, Solri is a proof-of-work blockchain designed to be simple, self-envolve and stateless.

About Solri

In particular, Solri’s design goals are to:

  • Become a pure coin, in most possible aspects that blockchain community cares about. This includes having no premine and establishes fair launch.
  • Use well-established Proof of Work consensus algorithm, and at the same time, allows it to change to either become ASIC-friendly or ASIC-resistent.
  • Most essential functions of the blockchain is coded into WebAssembly runtime. This makes it so that the blockchain can evolve and upgrade features without hard fork. In fact, we aim to never conduct any hard fork!
  • Have clear and simple specification to make supporting multiple implementations easier.
  • Be stateless. To fully verify a new block, you will only need the parent block together with the parent block’s runtime output. This reduces the bare minimal storage requirement for full node to nearly zero. In practice, clients can selectively choose to only store states it cares about.

Before we go on, it is important to note that Solri is currently entirely a hobby project, and it’s really early stage.


  1. Specification

    Github Repository for Solri Specifications

    Read the current specifications of Solri network.

  2. Reference Implementation

    Github Repository for the Rust Implementation

    We are still working towards the initial minimal viable product (MVP), and you can follow our progress there.

  3. Community

    The Matrix Chatroom

    Follow the latest news of Solri and discussions. We also have a Discord server.